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Saddle for Equine Therapy:

In Equine Therapy students generally ride using a vaulting surcingle or similar, which do not meet the necessary requirements for the activity.
Since 1992 with the help and experience of doctors like Dr Rodolfo Castillo Morales, we have developed a saddle for double riding that allows us to work safely and comfortably. The saddle also allows us to practise neurorehabilitation techniques whilst riding.
The current design ensures comfort and security for both the instructor and student.

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Made of the highest quality materials
Reinforced and flexible handle which gives security to the patient as well as the instructor
Two pairs of aluminium stirrups with cages for the student and instructor
Leather girth with elastic part to facilitate adjustment
Iron fittings for breast strap and auxiliary reins
Reinforced leather base, adaptable to the back of each horse

Our double riding saddle is currently used all over the world in countries such as: Israel, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

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